Dragon Lord

Fantasy MMORPG for the browser – Things used to run wonderfully in the world of Dragon Lord, a new free MMORPG for the browser by Esprit Games. At least until a short while ago, when the hoards of evil attacked, and the Goddess Athena turned desperately to a trio of mortal heroes for help. We heard her calling and took a closer look at the world of Dragon Lord.

If you played MMORPGs before, then you’ll encounter a lot of familiar elements in Dragon Lord. In this game, too, you have to grow in level with a beginner character, to gather experience and gold, and to re-invest it in the development of your character. New equipment items, skills and the help of powerful allies are only a few of the instruments you’ll have at your disposal to defy the hoards of darkness. Whether it’s enough or not is something you’ll find out as you’ll explore this world that sinks in darkness.